Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer
Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer

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Pooja C. Prabhudesai - Cosmetic Science Specialist has joined our company. Pooja is an experienced Cosmetic Chemist who is working to develop new and exciting skin care products for YOU!





Richard A. Lacey--Senior Vice-President of our new Marketing Department. Richard is going to help us get the word out about our wonderful Skin Care Products. The big secret, Ladies, is that Richard uses My Essence Moisturizer too...shhhhhh!

This is Alexa, she is using My Essence while she is young (18) . She has her Cheek Blush on too!

Happy Mother's Day 2011- Mother will be 92 in July. This glamorous photo was taken on a cruise with her boyfriend.

LaRayne B. (my Mom) 90, St. Petersburg, FL with her 90 year old boyfriend, Irving.

Ooh La La! Another glamor girl!

Nancy sold Charles of the Ritz in Tennessee for 20 years. She loved the 770 Lotion and the Revenescence moisturizer. She is 87 and beautiful.

Betty Howell on her 91st Birthday. I purchased the first bottle for her present and the rest is history. She truly had beautiful skin and took good care of it. This moisturizer meant so much to her and it will be her legacy. God bless, Sherry for all you do for women who love this product.

Carol McCorkle

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