Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer
Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer

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Written by Melissa- Own It Venture's Blog


The products are AMAZING, and I wanted to share a few that I have personally tried.


1. My Essence Natural Face Moisturizer: I have very sensitive skin , and as I age, my skin sensitivity is intensified. Any change in my skincare routine, diet, fabric softener-- anything-- my skin shows it. Sherry happened to call about the Conference and I mentioned my skin issue at that time, (my cheeks were extremely chapped and dry). She registered and sent me a trial of her AMAZING moisturizer. I use it morning and night before I apply make-up and sunscreen. This product worked its magic, my skin loves it and I highly recommend it. I cannot wait to see how Sherry does in the Retail Room!  Melissa- Own it Venture's Blog

Here are some responses from my customers:


*I received my order within two days of ordering. Oh My Gosh!!!! This formula is truly a miracle! I have good skin to begin with but my skin has taken on a brightness and the first day I used the Essence and put on my makeup I looked as if I had stepped right off the cover of a popular women's magazine; I almost looked air brushed!  The texture of the moisturizer is like no other I have tried since Charles of the Ritz. Sherry, I have read all the comments from the girls who use your product but I have to add my own comment about the lines around the eye and mouth area; especially the mouth. I noticed my lines almost disappear after using the Essence! My sons and daughters-in-law have all commented on how my skin looks; they can't put their fingers on it but all they can say is that I look younger than my 72 years. Thank you for this product; I have passed my news on to all my friends and family but words are really not necessary with them; I guess the old expression, "One picture is worth a thousand words," applies here.

Marilyn S. Wayne, NJ


*"Thank goodness I don't have to scrimp on my  moisturizer any more! You do indeed have the magic recipe, and how kind of you to share it.
Paris K. Coos Bay, OR


* You did a wonderful job. The packaging i.e. dark blue bottle to preserve it's freshness, lavender bag and ample size all reflect the quality you put into this product.  Please pass the formula along and don't let it end. It is the best."

Carolyn C. Lakewood, Colorado


*"Wow, Sherry...You really did it!  She did it, ladies! I wish you great success in your new adventure!"
Sincerely, Victoria M.


**" Hello Sherry: I'm another fan. I live in Argentina. I thank you very much!!!"

Maria Marta



**Can I just say how impressed I am in your product.  I didn't think I would ever find anything like it  again- but your have done it- it is wonderful. I have just ordered some more!!         Sandra B. UK



I really don't think I have ever looked better, and while I realize you aren't the only reason, I have to say I am thrilled with your products. and have been trying to figure out how  tell the world. My story is simply that I went out with an old friend who said I was glowing, she thought I was wearing make-up base, and since I'm not pregnant and I don't wear make-up I attribute it to you!! Thank you for my new found "glow". Sheila, Niagara Falls, NY



**"Really My sister loves the bottle of My Essence that I purchased for her recently and I love your formula!!! Kathy B.



*"A great find, excellent!! Thank you so much!!!"


**"You really found the formula! It's perfect. I'll be a customer for life.Thank you.
B. St. Petersburg, FL


Hi Sherry,  My Mother loves it Thank you.
Susan W.


Just to let you know, I received your product a couple of days ago and Mum is very pleased with it . Thanks so much. Will be ordering again a bit later and will keep in touch.

Kind Regards, Avril S.  Perth

Hello Sherry,


I work at an Assisted Living Home taking care of the elderly. One of my residents whom I am very close to was asking if I could look up a face cream that she used to use for so many years. I was reading your article. Could you please send me more information.  My resident Maxine will be so grateful.

Thank you so much, Maria W. Omaha, Nebreska

Maxine is just thrilled to have your face moisturizer. Wish you could have been there to see her reaction the first time I gave it to her. Like Christmas all over again!

Maria W.


and Maxine wrote....." Sherry Lane, you have performed a miracle,  this new liquid moisturizer has made me very happy.


A lovely young aid, Maria who works at Elk Ridge Village ( an assisted living facility) where I  live was able to go on line and discovered you. "


Again my thanks,  Maxine C.  ( 92 years old)


Sherry, I'm loving "My Essence". I hope you will continue offering it. I am ordering 3 more bottles. One will go to a friend in Ohio. I'm 79 years old and had used Charles of the Ritz for many years. Thank you so much, Phyllis J. N.  Fairmont, WV



*"Hello! I have been using "My Essence" for several months now and am enjoying it so much. I was so grateful to find it.  Although I do not know you, I am so proud of you for your ingenuity. By the way, your skin looks marvelous! Thanks so much."Victoria M, Mint Hill, NC



*"So far, I have applied "My Essence" both morning and night - the weather here is really dry and so is my skin. We moved here in 2006 from Sugar Land, Texas ( just outside of Houston) and I did not have to worry about my skin there. Have used just about every product out there. So happy to find you. Please let me know if/when you come up with anything else.

C.C., Colorado


*"Hi Sherry, I want to thank you for being so prompt in forwarding "My Essence".  My wife tried it as soon as I got home and after a few minutes she said, 'this feels really good, why didn't she do this a long time ago!' I will contact you for future orders. Thanks again.
Micah S.  Merritt Island, FL



Hey Sherry,
My sister loves the bottle of "My Essence"  that I purchased for her recently.
I love your formula!!!
Kathy B.


Can I say how impressed I am in your product.
I didn't think I would ever find anything like it-but you have done it-it is wonderful.
I have just ordered some more!!!
Thank you.
Sandra B. UK
I'm loving the Liquid Moisturizer. I hope you will continue offering it. One will go to a friend in Georgia, one to a friend in Ohio.  Thank you so much.
Phyllis N. Fairmont, WV


I am  49 and currently LOVING my first bottle. My grandmother  had the face of a 30 year old when she passed at 84. She worked at Neiman Marcus for 29 years in Dallas Texas. Of course, appearance was top priority for her working at such a prestigious store.


At any rate, I have been using my bottle of "My Essence"  for about a month. The first time I put on this light liquid, my skin felt so quenched. I had previously  been gooping on heavy cream to get that feeling.

 I love it, it's refreshing, light and really does the job. I can definitely see a difference. My skin has that glow again. I will be a returning  customer when my bottle starts to run dry.


Thanks for making this - I now have hope to look like my grandmother did!


I'm thrilled!
 Mimi- NYC


My mother loves your products!
Joyce A.


Thank you so much!  I just received My Essence and love it. I would also like to use this product on my neck and hands, but i would run out so fast...


I love your product and will be in touch soon.
Barbara S.


Sherry- I love your lotion.
I have tried several other expensive lotions and they never worked. Yours does -
Thanks. Chris W.
I dropped off a sample for my Mother the other day an she really liked it, so now I would like her to have a bottle of her own. She is 76 years  old and I am 57.
Peggy T.


Thank you- my 89 year old mother is thrilled to have it .
Bob G.
_________________________________________________________________________________II I


began using Revenescence when I was 24 in 1969. I was thrilled to find you. I'm finding " My Essence" a joy to use.

Jilly from France


When I was very young, my mother took me to Marshall Fields in Chicago, to the Charles of the Ritz counter. The lady behind the counter used long spatulas and worked on large sheets of waxed paper, she custom blended face powder and put it into a pretty box. I still remember the scent. It was lovely. I liked the perfume, but I'm not putting fragrance into my products. Some people are sensitive to perfume and not everyone likes it.  

Sherry Lane




I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, and when I was a young lady, Levy's, Goldsmith's and Lowenstein's were the big time stores and they each had a Charles of the Ritz makeup counter. I too had the face powder blended, and the whole experience was just sensational, those big long spatulas they used to work the colors together...nothing like it now!

Thank you for not putting fragrance into your products.




The phone rang and it was Lois K. Her mother was born in 1901 and she started using Charles of the Ritz Revenescence Liquid Moisturizer in the 1920's. It was so nice to hear from Lois and all of you ladies who email or call. I want you to know that I appreciate hearing from you. While I was talking to Lois I told her that I feel like we are members of a small but very special club. She agreed and at that moment the  Ritz Ladies Club was founded!


Please stay in touch. Feel free to email your thoughts, feedback, stories, photos and more.

Sherry Lane


Cheek blush

  I use  "My Essence"  as soon as I wash my face in the morning,  then I put on the cheek blush
 (three dabs and blend),  some lipstick, eyeliner and I'm ready to go. See Beauty Secrets Box above.

*my cheeks feel so moist and smooth, even 8 hours later. It will go on my list of must haves.
Chris W. Arkansas


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