Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer
Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer

I use  "My Essence"  as soon as I rinse my face in the morning,  then I put on my cheek blush (three dabs and blend),  some lipstick, eyeliner and I'm ready to go.


Thanks for sending the product so quickly.  Love you skin and was wondering if you would share some beauty secrets.  What cleanser, eye cream and foundation do you use.  Do you have this products to add to your line.

Thanks for any secrets you are willing to share.


Eleanor V.



Hi Eleanor,

You are so sweet to say that...


 I'm happy to share. I wash my face with soap in the evening and put on Timeless Night Cream. In the morning I rinse my face with warm water, and put on My Essence Moisturizer. It was Revenescence when I was a teen and beyond...until it was no longer available.

    My moisturizer keeps my face fresh all day and with that special glow of course.

    Then I put on my eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, my Cheek Blush and lipstick. That's it. And I've been doing this beauty routine for all of these years.


    Hope this was helpful. Not much of a beauty secret, but it works. I don't wear makeup. Gave up mascara but I do blend my eyeliner so it's not a hard line.


    Sherry thanks for responding and sharing. You are truly lucky to have such great results with such few products.  When you say that you use soap, are you simply using  (e.g. Dove or Ivory) and do you use your Essence as an eye cream.  Do you use your blush as lipstick, I do not wish to be intrustive.  I had a time finding an eyebrow color now that I am grey, settled on one by  Clinique.  Lip-color is still a challenge, what shade did you find.  And eyeliner still can't master that.  I guess I will give your night cream a shot soon and probably the blush.  Is it good for all skin tones?

    Make it a great day!




    Hi Eleanor,

    I use regular soap, but Dove is great.
    When I use the Timeless Night Cream or the Moisturizer, I use it on my eyes too. So they are getting both treatments.


    The Cheek Blush is for all skin colors. I use this shade in my paintings and it is a special blend that goes with all complexions.  You have to layer it to make it darker. It is very light and if you want more color, you have to keep adding  three dots on your cheeks and blend until you get the color you want.


    I don't use the blush as a lipstick because it doesn't last very long on your lips. It blends beautifully on your cheeks and will stay all day but not on your lips.


    For lipstick, I use a pink tone. I like to keep my lips moist, so I use a creamy lipstick or tinted lip gloss.

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