Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer
Compare Charles of the Ritz Revenescence, to My Essence Moisturizer

If you loved Charles of the Ritz, Revenescence you will love "My Essence Moisturizer". Try it for free!


Charles of the Ritz, is no longer available in the marketplace,  but you can replace it with My Essence Moisturizer.


I guarantee you'll love it, and if you don't, return it and I will give you a full refund. Yes, you can try it for free!


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*Sherry Lane is  New York's star Caricature Artist/Entertainer and a master in the ancient art of Face-Reading. ( She is the Face Expert and is has written a book called Face-toFace, Eye-to-Eye: How to Read Faces for Success, and How to Grow Rich by Reading Faces. You can buy both books on


* Sherry has a secret!
Sherry has been formulating this wonderful moisturizer for herself for years from an old family recipe, and now she wants to share it with all of you ladies who loved the original product too.  When you put on My Essence liquid  face moisturizer, you will take a deep breath and say " Ahh, I have my moisturizer back"!


*Start young,  we did!

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My Essence Moisturizer-a little goes a long way...just like the original.
5 oz. bottle






plus $7.50 shipping   

Free Shipping for the 2nd. item.

Always free shipping for the 2nd item.



My Essence - Travel Size
2 oz. bottle








Shipping $7.50

Free Shipping for the 2nd item.

Always free shipping for the 2nd item.

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Timeless Night Cream- 2 0z.

I love my night cream! Your face will love it too.
This cream is rich,  nourishing and perfect for night-time.
Your face will feel refreshed and moisturized.

No fragrance.



Shipping $7.50

Free Shipping for the 2nd item.


Timeless Night Cream - 5 oz.


This cream is rich,  nourishing and perfect for night-time.
Your face will feel refreshed and moisturized.

No fragrance.



plus $7.50 shipping

Free shipping for 2nd item.


Cheek Blush

 * One Color fits all. When  I'm painting a portrait  I use one cheek color for all complexions. This blush will give your cheeks a natural glow. Dab three dots on each cheek and blend. To add more color, just dab and blend.



Shipping $7.50

Free Shipping for the 2nd. item

Triple Delight Gift Bag Has it All

-2oz. My Essence- Keeps your skin soft and moisturized all day long.

-2oz. Timeless Night Cream- Rich and nourishing for all night moisturizing recovery.

1-Cheek Blush- for a radiant all day glow.


Special price - $55.00 (original price $65.00)

with a low shipping cost of $7.50


Sherry's guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, send it back, and we will give you a full refund. Try it for free! 


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